21 Things to Do for this 21st

Amelia Chen
1. Meet up with 21 friends important in my life & I care about – make sure they know they are special to me!

2. Donate my birthday to charity:waterhttp://mycharitywater.org/ameliachen21

3. Own a unit trust/stock! This genuinely marks adulthood for me.

4. Dedicate a day to pampering myself – manicure, facial, etc.

5. Prepare some edible dinner for my family

6. Donate blood, and succeed…

(I tried to do this before, but my temperature rose to 38 upon the thought! LOL!)

7. Go disconnected for a day. No mobile, no TV, no PC,…. no lights? :S

8. Attend a show/play/concert – perhaps Voyage de la Vie, good or no good?

9. Fly a kite + picnic, visit the Bird Park!

10. Watch the sun set & rise on the same day!

11. Take 21 photos

12. Write a letter to myself

13. Paint a self portrait

14. Get my article published on…

15. Spend a night out

16. Launch my site http://ameliachen.com/

17. Declutter my room

18. Do something not done before!

19. Spend one weekend volunteering.

20. Set 21 goals to be achieved before the next birthday!

21. Archive all these activities – printed in a photo book as keepsake.

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