A consolidation of random thoughts

“A friend who knows your heart (intentions) will not judge you by your actions.”

The past few days have been painful. Many uncontrollable situations that makes the world seem to crumble around me at the same time. It’s like a winning streak being broken. Combo breaker. What goes up comes down. Good times eventually end.

I let myself get sad. I allowed myself to indulge a little bit too much chocolate than I should eat… but just for today. I’ll feel better.

I’ll take whatever comes positively with a smile. ThoughtCatalog reminds me to take that chance with my remaining time left. See #4 & #5 – no room for “I wish”… or wondering what could have been. No matter how hesitant I could be, I don’t have that many options to choose from.  Even if it will hurt for a while… it will eventually be okay in the end. Be strong!

Enjoy life. Celebrate joy. Give thanks.

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