An hour that changed my life

Just last week, my family was shocked to know that I still didn’t know how to cycle, at the age of 23. My parents didn’t really bring me to play sports when I was young,  and I was always an indoor person. (i hate the sun) I always rode on a tandem bike with nice friends.

In under an hour, I learnt to balance on the bike and cycle (a bit). So my sister and brother-in-law gave me only 3 tips:

  • Look ahead, don’t look down
  • Move the bicycle with your legs on the the ground (get a feel of balancing), then
  • Step on the paddle then quickly balance (it’s easier to balance when it’s moving faster)

I told them, “easier said than done!”

By the 40th minute, I could cycle 3 rounds in the carpark without losing balance. I think the environment played a big part. It was at night so the weather was cooling, at an empty carpark where no one was watching, and I was taught by people I’m comfortable with. Had I been under the sun, I would have given up after ten minutes.

It was not that I thought it was impossible. I was always more comfortable being a couch potato so I never really bothered… but I was really amazed that all I needed was that half an hour to get a hang of it. It took me years to want to try learning it.

Making time for exercise is really changing the way I see things. “Good idea never happen at the desk” – quote in book “SHINE” by Chris Baréz-Brown. Building muscles while hoping to shed some unwanted fats.  Am trying to not get obsessed by the number on the scale… but I guess now that I can cycle a bit, I’ll be looking forward to more sessions to improve my skill!

What a great day for myself. At least now when people ask me “can you cycle?” – the answer is no longer no. It has changed to “a little!”.

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