Tell Me It’s Just My Blackberry

I used to own a Blackberry Bold and it was okay. So when I was given the offer to upgrade my set to a newer model, without hesitation I said OKAY! But now…

I am a really unhappy owner of a Blackberry Torch 9800. I bought it in May. Having owned it for seven months, it has been sent twice for repair – the first time in July and then in September. The problems are still unfixed, but I have stopped going down to the building hoping that the faults will go away… because they never have.

I’ve simply have gotten used to a life where I officially own a phone that is very slow in loading web pages making browsing difficult, has very few great apps on the App World, where pictures often look less than appealing, and a map application that never brings me to places that I want. I am slowly learning to embrace the fact that my inferior smartphone that is really not that smart, after all.

If I had to write a diary of the phone, a brief one would probably go like this.

I’m Ami’s two day old phone, and I totally threw a tantrum.

One month later, still untamed.

Occasionally, I get stuck sliding the menu halfway.

Or I just refuse to load.

Occasionally, I will just heat up but there’s really no picture to show how warm it is.

Oh well, I’ve stopped taking screencaps of these faults ever since new problems just kept surfacing everyday. These days it just says App Error 603 and forces me a take out the battery so it can restart. Did I also mention, that when I have to pull out the battery like that I also lose my messages on Whatsapp so I miss out on unread messages that I did not manage to read before the screen froze. I am not even sure what other data is lost.

Shows how many people have attempted to ask for help

Now that I have 13 more months before I can change to a new phone, I wonder how much more nonsense can I take.

At least one thing is for sure. My next personal phone is not going to be another Blackberry.

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    1. That’s true.. I don’t need an iPhone as I’ve an iPod Touch that just requires a hotspot to run. Android does that, right? Then I’ll be a happy girl with the best of Android and iOS. 😀

      Can’t wait.

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