Branding Lessons from ‘Easy A’ Movie

I got to watch the preview of Easy A, courtesy of Sony Pictures Singapore. Totally fell in love with Emma Stone’s smile after that.

The story is basically about this girl who was invisible in school, and how she got popular notorious after a juicy white lie turned into a rumour that spreaded like wildfire. It certainly wasn’t easy to take. and I certainly couldn’t imagine how I would react if I were in her shoes (though highly impossible and school life doesn’t work this way here!) Have you heard any untrue rumours about you?

Popularity isn’t Everything

Humans stereotype, we know we shouldn’t but it often cannot be helped. The pretty blond girls get all the attention, and the quiet girl in that corner must be a nerd. The jock must be a superficial playboy, and that guy in specs has to be a computer programming geek. It is true, how you portray yourself is important but not all guys with tattoos are bad guys. Not anymore today.

Honesty is the Best Policy

I am someone who could never lie – someway, somehow, something would give me away.
It is much easier to remember truths, instead of spinning up your own tale and desperately trying to cover up all the loopholes after that.

Check out the trailer below… and if you are curious why she has that alphabet “A” on her clothes throughout the show, all the more you should catch it in theatres.

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