Day 1 of ‪#‎50daysofchange‬

I decided that in life you will meet people who will challenge you (deliberately make life difficult) and these people are not worth getting angry about. People can say whatever they want and think about you, but you must learn to accept that such is life and there’s no use bothering about it.

Please all, and please none. Even if they disapprove of your every single action, dismiss that negative energy. Try to avoid them as often as you can. Just continue doing your own thing and stay true to yourself.

Life is too short to be around such people. Life is hard enough, so never give anyone the permission to put you down. Deep down they are just insecure and miserable. Some people just will never change, especially if they don’t see an issue in the first place. There’s absolutely no point trying to think you can change them, but you can wish that they can come to term with themselves one day.

Today, I learn to control my emotions. Previously, the physical reactions were out of control. My head would feel hot, I can feel my heart ‘bipok bipok’ really fast, and I just start cussing $*#&$@. Now, as I understand them better for who they are, it’s easy to choose to not to be (overly) agitated. ….still working on it!

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