Day 10 of ‪#‎50DaysofChange‬

The least expected happened – I made a new connection (Joseph) while buying churros from him. 😀

He is not even a staff there, but he was giving it his all to do his best as a promoter. Support and help out a buddy with his barely-a-week-old churros street food business. I don’t even think he gets paid.

I love how he did it for the friendship – and it’s not about “walao sell at Bugis Street don’t want la paiseh so low class, I so hipster wear hat one… later people laugh at me how” but he is putting 100% effort to help his friend sell as much churros and sticking with them until the end of the day when they are sold out and closed for business. He was still cleaning up after I was done with my dinner meeting at 10.15pm.

In fact, he works in sales at his day job, and will be returning to pursue his passion of being a chef next month. He will get to create the Spanish menu at Spiffy Dapper, and I said. “but you are so good at talking to people ley. as a chef how will you do that? you talk to your food ar?”

“I still talk, but through my food.” :3
At that instant, I thought I saw a halo above his head. LOL. And the fact that he wasn’t full of himself, he was more like sharing with me about his life, and he also bothered to ask about what I did. Note: he’s not humble bragging, self-serving, or the “woohoo look at me i’m awesome yo yo~ come buy my shit” type of approach.

As I learned the concept from Jiahe, “Relationships are like tango. When it’s time to move forward or backward, feel the flow and go with it.”

When someone treats you right, double the kindness in return. When someone treats you bad… no, you don’t take out the parang. You take a step back. Today, I change the way I connect with others.

I used to not know how to let go of one-sided friendships. I reach out, I receive cold treatment and I wonder, ‘what did I do wrong?’ Sometimes, there is no need trying to understand the underlying reason why people choose to act in certain way. Maybe they just prefer to sit by the corner and watch other people dance – so don’t force it.

If they don’t even want to dance, I can always find other people who would want to tango with me. smile emoticon Dancing makes life more fun.

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