Day 11 of ‪#‎50DaysofChange‬

When you have a point to make, the concepts go generally like this:
It is better to have a louder voice than not being heard at all. It is better to say a message once, to as many people as possible so more people can spread the message fast and wide. However, there is no point handing someone a megaphone if he is not going to use it well.

It’s not useful if they take the megaphone to yell, cuss, or say something that nobody is interested in hearing. It will not be effective, even though they were loud and had a big audience. It doesn’t work if they don’t relate with what you are trying to say. 

Nobody likes negativity. Sometimes the truth hurts, but somebody still has to say it. Nobody likes getting hurt. 💔 It’s painful. I’m the type of person who will fight for the change that I care about, so I will still tend to want the other party to know that they are wrong, even if they may never believe they are wrong or want to do anything about it. I feel more at ease when I tell something they need to hear, even if they do not want to hear it. (I usually try to tease them in a funny way until it doesn’t work)

More often than not, I’m told they’ve started to dislike me. They disassociate themselves from me, even though I did it because I cared. 😢And they didn’t really want me to care, simply because they don’t care about it themselves, they don’t want to fix the problem.

Today, I end my assumption that everyone wants change. Maybe they do, but not necessarily the same type of change. 💁 But everyone wants to become better versions of themselves, don’t they? The answer is yes, but maybe in another way that you are not focusing on. 🙅 Maybe I want to be healthy, they want to get rich. and it’s totally fine to have different life goals. 🙆

“eh stop working so hard man, yolo. get some rest you need it. 😞 you have a choice”
“lol no la cannot, i need to earn more money. sleep is for the weak. I’m so BEEZAY 😩~”

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