Day 14 of #50DaysofChange

I used to be someone who couldn’t stand seeing a “✓ Seen 14:43” on a chat message – it means the person has read but chosen not to reply me. I have a bad habit of replying every single conversation.. usually I try to keep it going so it’s usually never me who ends the conversation. But it is still awkward to see a ‘Seen’ when my last sentence is meant to evoke a reply. (eg. question, etc)

I’d wonder if I said anything dumb. I seek some form of closure. I’ve learned to let it go… sometimes not saying anything can also cause hurt. But whatever it is, today I learn that most people do not expect replies. It’s OK to not give them any attention, it’s not that bad to ignore their requests if they don’t never really wanted it very badly in the first place. It’s OK to be the one to show them the “✓ Seen” sometimes. If they don’t put in effort to talk to you, they won’t expect you to do to the same.

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