Day 15 of ‪#‎50DaysofChange‬

Serene got me free entry to the California Fitness gym because she wanted to show me the place. We missed the popular Body Combat class because I was late (sorry!) so we went for an Aerobics class instead. The room was spacious, with too little people that the air-con felt so cold that I wasn’t sweating much in that 1 hour. The back of my shirt usually turns wet after Zumba class of similar intensity, but strangely… not today.

So when the consultant asked, “How did you find this gym? You can be honest.”
I told him that the trainer was too bitxhy for my liking. He’d stop the class halfway, stop dancing and point out others’ mistakes by imitating their moves as a way of showing how silly they look. When he stops dancing and only yells “grapevine~! single, single, double! mambo, and easy walk~ ” I wouldn’t know how to follow since I am new to his routine.

This was the consultant’s reply:

“Sorry to hear that… *giggles* I wish you had tried the Body Combat class earlier. Maybe you would understand…
There’s a reason why some classes are more popular than the other.”

… That was an interesting way of seeing things. Today I change my way of observation. You don’t need to count how many people tell you that they don’t like you. You simply observe how they treat you. Then you check upon yourself how you treat others. And then decide what you want to do about it.

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