Day 16 of #50DaysofChange

Today somebody hurled vulgarities at me out of anger.

When I said, “you say it again?” He shouted even louder. Thumbs-up. (Y) I truly hope he felt better after that. Maybe that allowed him to feel his balls again. I don’t want an apology if I know I can’t feel it.

Also, it was very weird to see a word of “congrats” on my pseudo marriage and I was like… “HUH? Do you even mean what you say, bruhhhh” cos I CAN’T FEEL IT. In fact, it made me feel really uncomfortable. What was that for? For others to see, is it?

At least 4 people asked me to chill, and asked me how I was feeling after being yelled at.

…eh wait. How was I supposed to react?

Cry? No. Not worthy of my tears.
Get angry? Anger is a choice. Only fools vent their anger.
Kill myself? lol not now…

I don’t need to name and shame, but this heartbreaking video proves many things:

  1. How we behave is greatly influenced by what our parents teach us
  2. How we choose to act is a reflection of what is inside ourselves
  3. The people who often misunderstand us don’t know us at all
  4. We resort to vulgarities when we know we cannot win
  5. We can’t change somebody if they don’t agree they have a problem (eg. Deron Puro)
  6. We should take action if we want change
  7. It takes a very big heart to adopt a kid (of a different race esp)
  8. There are black sheep to the “Minnesota Nice”

Watch it, and learn that it’s the loved ones of the victim that feel the hurt even more. As Ben The Wise taught me… “always choose love”

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