Day 19 of ‪#‎50daysofchange‬

Even after understanding people’s motivations and intentions, it’s important to choose what to accept and apply into your life. Not every advice is worth listening to.

I joked to my consultant about needing plastic surgery, and she shared that her colleagues have done it themselves, and urged her to fix her lower jaw, and also get braces.

They also tell her that her 笑纹 (laugh lines) needed a fix because it makes her look old. I tell her it’s common, I have it too, and that she should not give a shit what they think. She also agreed, but she sounded unsure.

“Does it really look that ugly/bad? A lot of celebs also have it mah..” I told her that she ultimately chooses what she wants to do to herself and should never give anybody the power to put her down.

Today, I take advice with a pinch of salt. I’ve listened too much and got myself even more confused in the end. I make my own decisions and may not choose to take in bullshit. especially even more so when they are unsolicited.

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