Day 20 of ‪#‎50DaysofChange‬

Today, I change the way I value money.

I used to be someone who only had a meal budget of $4 (now it’s better, it’s $6 LOL) and when people suggest to go to fancy places like having a buffet, Ichiban Boshi or <insert Jap restaurant here>, I’d squirm a bit and say, count me out… People would be like, “omg! oh please! seriously are you that poor?”

I could tell you I was really that poor. Look – I work in a startup. LOL.

Now people suan me “wah so rich keep going classes but no money to eat good stuff, eh?” – priorities, my friend. I’ve been a couch potato all my life. I’ve never felt more excited going to pole classes with my sis, challenging ourselves to work harder when we see ourselves lacking.. Of course, we still work within a comfortable budget. But no, I don’t miss the fancy food.. as close friends will know that always say “what goes in comes out the next day” lol

I love going to shopping malls to see how retailers package their goods and decorate their store front, how they arrange their stuff nicely so people would buy it. Occasionally, I would give in to temptation and buy something under the name of ‘retail therapy’ because it is “AWWW SO KEWT :3” – nowadays I’m older. It’s easier. I follow this:

“If it adds value to your life, buy. If it doesn’t, don’t.”

That funny T-shirt? Yes. That row of panda shaped junk food snack? Well, maybe just one will do.

That $5 KFC meal vs the $8 salad? Perhaps the $3 difference would save you more medicine money in the long run.

If a friend is starting up and gives us a discount, let’s take it and not ask for more. “Wah still so ex.. we are friends, right?” is not a nice reason for a discount. Are you genuinely supporting a friend, or genuinely trying to take advantage of their kindness by asking for a discount on top of a discount?

Like for a friend’s recent paid event, he asked me to support by buying a ticket. 140 seats and completely sold out, there were people who couldn’t even get a ticket… so why would he need that money from ME? Truth is, he didn’t, but I wanted to. It’s a $15 well spent, whether or not I benefited from it.

P.S. Recently attended “Curious Dinners” on the topic of Money really got my attention. See things we discussed: here.

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