Day 22 of ‪#‎50DaysofChange‬

Humans. It’s really interesting. We are same same but so different. The brain is amazing and limitless.

I used to not understand people. I hated having to consider about what others may think. Of this. Of that. Of me. Of everything. I thought I should just face the computer instead.

When we have expectations of others and they do not behave as what we or what the society expects, we have varying reactions. Sometimes we flip table, sometimes we ignore.

What’s right or wrong, anyway? Who said being rude is wrong? He just wants to prove himself, maybe. We behave different because sometimes, we just don’t know better.
Ignorance may or may not be a bliss.

Anyhow, it is fun to watch. I level up liao.
Love them anyway.

Everyone appears in your life to teach you something. Reading: difficult gratitude by James Altucher.

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