Day 23 of ‪#‎50DaysofChange‬

Today, I learned to appreciate more the kindness of humans.

Humour is pretty international. Connection happens when you tell a story that resonates with the listener. I used humour as an attempt to connect with someone who spoke a different language from me.

We were invited to lunch by Minh to join his other 10 friends – not everyone knows each other but some are also quite long-time friends but live in different cities, so the conference was a pretty nice chance to catch up. I sat in between 2 cute girls kiki emoticon and occasionally felt lost when they were speaking really fast in their native language.

They were pretty amused when I randomly blabbered “toi khong hieu” (which means “I do not understand”) when they were talking among themselves… they laughed when they asked more questions and I could only repeat myself.. Chim Non even advised me to drop the ‘toi’ and just exaggerate by saying “khong hieu~!” with a blur, helpless look…

One of them paid for the entire table… and everyone just said “thank you boss~”
I was half expecting that it was a joke and they could split the bill later on – but they told me he was really treating. It would have been nice to treat the old friends at the table once in a while, but I was probably just a stranger who crashed their lunch gathering. We probably wouldn’t ever meet often or speak much after this.

It was also really heartwarming that everyone felt so comfortable with each other, I wonder if it was because they call each other “sis” and “bro”… It was supposed to be ‘work’ at a professional setting, but their close friendship was such a joy to observe.

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