Day 37 of ‪#‎50DaysofChange‬

At the library, from the corner of my eye I knew the auntie beside was looking in my direction. I thought she was unhappy about me distracting her as I was settling down with all my bags of barang…

When I adjusted my position, I noticed she was looking at me too. “What have I done wrong this time?!” I thought to myself, frustrated. I looked over at her, prepared to ask her what’s her problem.. so I looked her in the eye, and she smiled at me.

Awkwardly, she pointed at my pile of magazines and asked if she could take a look at the Fast Company magazine at the top of the pile. That’s when I realised that it was the book she kept glancing at.

“Sure, take it!”
“No, no, you can read it first.”
“Don’t worry, I have a mountain to myself”
“Oooh, thanks. You are very kind. And also, pretty.”

I felt bad because in my head, I thought that the person was silently judging me. I was feeling troubled by her glances for no good reason – all she had wanted was a magazine and I had misunderstood her intentions.

I’m really glad that she asked, though. If not I would have left the library thinking I met a strange lady… but her compliment really made my day. It can probably even last me a week.

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