Day 4 of ‪#‎50daysofchange‬

This story appeared in my news feed. About how a ‘hipster’ photographer decided to try to be sarcastic to an honest question, but had selected a wrong victim this time.

He had been unintentionally rude to Tun Dr. Mahathir’s daughter, Marina Mahathir, and his excuse was “i didn’t know it was you” and “i thought you were joking”

Her advice to him is, “we should not be rude to anyone, regardless of who they are. even the lowliest person may one day be the person who gives you opportunities later in life.” and wished him good luck for his career.

It’s nice to hear that from someone who has it all… fame, looks, money, career.. she’s not blinded by all that “glamorous stuff” only.

While I don’t think I will be rude and burn a bridge with anyone (maybe if they purposely step on my tail first lol), today onwards I want to be more conscious about the way I interact with others. There’s no thinking “how can this person help me in the future if I were to help them this time round?”. Instead I want to offer as much help to whoever needs help, so we can all be better together.

Sometimes people ask me “why do you do it for free? so stupid../ isn’t that a threat?” I ask them “why not? is it?”

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