Day 7 of ‪#‎50DaysofChange‬

Deciding on a piece of furniture for the house is tough. Mom wants to replace the 6y/o sofa with a sofa bed, Dad says we can fix it. Sisters find it unnecessary but ultimately, the homemaker should know it best. Mom bought the sofa, insists on paying it out of her own savings (if any) even though all of us usually split the bill.

I said I could pay for half of it. Or 75%. Or maybe should I pay all of it? Why not? Technically I can do that but I must be careful about my expenses for the next month – well, she is not working at all so all the more I should pick up the tab, right? What’s this few couple of hundred bucks compared to all the $ they spent to raise me up?

Why am I even calculating? I’m not complaining about the lack of money – but it’s obvious that if I had more disposable income, I could be more comfortable giving much more. I want to change this ‘guilty’ mindset – definitely mom does not expect me to pay all of it so I would starve. I just want to come to terms with chipping in an amount that I’m comfortable with, however little it may be, and not have to feel “bad” about it and wondering if I were more successful, I can support both of them better now and just buy things without worrying about the price tag.

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