Day 8 of #‎50DaysofChange‬

Ben showed me the different colours of energy auras and what it means to be in the high and low energy levels, pros and cons, etc. There’s no specific colour that’s good, bad, or one that is better than the other. These colours are always present, displayed differently when put in different circumstances, depending on how we perceive and choose to react. The highest level is violet – where one’s energy has abilities to empower (which leads to motivate, inspire, influence others)

So I have a very apparent, high-energy Red aura given my situation now. The colour stands for Integrity & Justice – it’s like Batman just wanting to get rid of bad guys to defend the helpless, but doesn’t consider that killing is a bad action. It’s like the analogy Wei Jia shared.. A wild dog barking when I’m trying to walk forward – I may think of getting the dog a muffler. But if I can reduce that red aura and convert it to another, there are other ways of silencing the dog. I can distract the dog with some food, calm it down, bring the dog elsewhere, simply accept the dog, or choose to not even hear it – all these are alternative solutions by other colour auras. There’s no right or wrong way to do things.

The ideal way is that if I can ignore the dog and not even hear its barking, then nothing can stand in my way and I can reach my destination (faster). The first step to change is to accept the behaviour (if I cannot change it), and then choose to be detached/unaffected.

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