TED Talk Takeaways: Life Is..

Life is choice.
Ignore logic. Trust emotion. Let instinct decide.

Seek only what’s “good enough”. The more you think about other options, the more miserable you feel.
Embrace limits.

Choose important, not urgent.
urgent = emails, sms, messages, calls
important = 100 hours of practice to develop a new skill
full attention to a friend, partner
get outside, exercise, sleep, slowly eating real food

Life is time.
Being present-focused.
Treasure relationships. Enjoy the moment.
Art & creativity.
These people are good at helping others.

Being past-focused.
To enjoy your past is like living twice.
Learning from past helps write your future better.

Get in the zone: Love the process like it’s a game – challenging, but not too challenging. Learn to eliminate distractions and focus.

Life is memory.
If you can’t remember, it’s like it never happened. Be it yesterday, last summer or a few years ago.
Live long life but experience a short life.

How to create more memories?
– More chronological landmarks
– Change routines, break norms
– Visit somewhere shockingly different
– Change career, new hobby, move elsewhere, learn a new language
– Share everything

Life is communication.
– selflessly mirroring
– ignore what people say (confabulation)
– we remember stories not lessons

Life is happiness.
– Approach it sideways (trust your neighbours)
– Stop comparing
– Focus on progress and process, not endings
– Cognitive behaviorial therapy

What is life?
Life is happiness. Or Life is replicating DNA?

How many things in life did I assume have meaning, but perhaps, had no meaning at all?
– What if you are a minority in your country?

Life is life. It has no coherent meaning. Project whatever meaning suits you. Remove whatever meaning doesn’t.
(You put all of it there, and you can take it out)

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