Doing Good Starts from Right Here

When a disaster strikes in another country, we see posters requesting for generous donations. People organising trips to go abroad to build houses and dig wells for the less fortunate in third-world countries. Many Singaporeans are well-to-do and have the ability to travel to do good deeds, but within our own heartlands, I reckon we still have a lot to do.

It is against the law to sell tissue paper on the streets. Yet, it is a rare occasion to be able to walk on the streets and not notice any tissue paper peddler. While some of these folks are disabled, some may appear to be physically fit but may actually have difficulties getting a job, it’s hard to guarantee that they make enough money to pay for their next few meals.

I think the number is increasing; or maybe it’s just me who has gotten more sensitive. Once, I even saw three folks selling tissue paper along the same street at Bugis. Competition is really everywhere, isn’t it? Does it mean that they stop doing what they do? No. I found it difficult to not feel affected. Even though technically I’m earning lesser than these old folks right now, I thought there should be something I should be doing.

Below two pictures are taken at the same train station, less than 20 metres apart.

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.
~Mother Teresa

We can start by doing something for these helpless in our own country. Next time, just help someone and re-discover how good it will make you feel.

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  1. i like your site, and thanks for the reminder on those that need our help/ i
    ll look out for the next time i can make a small difference. 

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