Echelon 2011

Woke up early to drag myself to NUS University Cultural Centre…

Registration in the morning was screwed – 9.45am and there was still a long queue of people trying to get their passes to enter the seminar room. As the event was planned to start at 9.15am, the events management team asked the queue to dissipate and proceed to the room so the event could start and instead come back again during the break.

The day was kick-started with an inspiration speech by Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby – a platform that helps aspiring musicians market and sell their music. As a musician, he started small and built the site on his own. He’s not a geeky programmer (inspiration!).

And all the money he made from selling his company, he donated them away. How can anyone have too much money – apparently he had that trouble… It’s amazing. And of all countries he’d been to, he decided to settle here and be a Singaporean.

Launchpad was exciting. It was interesting to see how presenters from different countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Korea. These were the 10 groups that were selected out of 40. Playmoolah won!

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  1. Yeah I was there too. I find that most of them are still not so strong in their web business proposal… In the end, it is won by a non-web business… The judging was interesting though

      1. The caucasian lady is obviously just a web agency… There seems nothing interesting to invest in her actually. The person who won is actually from a children program thingy.. and it’s not really web.  I thought the promising one is with the gym on the web…

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