Explore the Potential of Acrobat PDF

This article was first posted on Penn Olson on 8 March 2011.

PDF is a file-type invented by Adobe and is a common work tool in the office used to create professional documents. We use it all the time, but are we maximizing its potential?

Be sure to impress your co-workers with your Adobe Acrobat skills after going through Adobe’s engaging learning journey at the Adobe PDF Guild.

Specifically, the guild aims to help users to understand how they can create high impact communication with rich content, driving tighter collaboration and productivity across their personal or corporate work.

As an incentive to motivate users to participate in the learning quest, members can gain reward points through their activities and exchange them for attractive gifts such as laptop stickers, thumb drives, T-shirts or possibly even the software. The quest is broken into five sections, where users may expect to learn document conversion and collaboration, security, creating dynamic forms and documents containing rich media that will help make communication more dynamic and impactful.

If you have not gotten started with Adobe PDF and would like to try it for 30 days for free, download the trial here.

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