DBS’s Facebook Application Authentication

Just a while ago, a friend has asked me to help to vote for his friend’s photo on DBS Card’s photo contest. Curious, I clicked on the submission link to see if I would get directed to a microsite but instead was led to this authentication page.

Usually, I would just glance through to see what settings the application would do to my profile. If they want to access my basic information, yeah, I’m okay. Access to post stuff on my wall? It’s annoying, but still ok if I can delete them. But look what this app is trying to do. Manage my Pages.

DBS-Contest-FAILWhy the hell would they want access to log in and manage my pages?!?!?!  It came off as a rude shock, I find that totally unnecessary for a photo contest,  in fact I see no point in that. Needless to say, I rejected access because I won’t wish to risk anything. but if they had set this on mistake, I think it is a serious problem and they are taking security too lightly.

[Update on 3 Sept ’11] Here’s another by HPB’s Beat the Blues. They want to access my Facebook chat. :O

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