Facebook’s new metric “People Are Talking About This”

Often, the return on investment (ROI) for social media activities has been unclear, and it is hard to measure influence, engagement but this week, Facebook is introducing a new metric for social media measurement “People Are Talking About This”.

Facebook's "Are talking about this"

It counts the number of Likes, comments, shares, RSVPs and tagged mentions of a brand that take place within the social network. On top of that, there will also be ‘Number of Friends of Fans,’ and ‘Weekly Total Reach’.

‘Number of Friends of Fans’ gives page admins a count of the total number of friends a page’s fans have collectively. It gives page administrators a better understanding into the potential reach of their page, which could potentially be used when doing “Sponsored Stories”.

‘Weekly Total Reach’ gives a measure of how many total people have posted something about your page, how many news organizations within Facebook have referenced it, and how much viral distribution the elements of your page have generated.

Those are all great features, but it just means reporting just got more complicated for marketers. 😛

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