Family is Everything

So here’s for you, mom.
Interview with TechinAsia: LoveByte CEO: Seek more ‘whys’ than being obsessed with the ‘hows’

Looking back, thanks for always showering me with love. Despite all the nagging and nasty words, I know you always meant well and always dedicated your life to the family – always making sure everyone is healthy and doing well. Even by giving me a curfew, removing my keyboard during O’Levels to make sure I study and stop gaming, asking me whether to stop struggling and find a proper, stable job instead…I understand I may not have been the easiest kid to deal with while growing up.

I never listen to advice, am too stubborn for my own good, listen to my heart a little too much, but I honestly think I grew up well! *pats self*

Thanks for supporting me and letting me do whatever I want in life. I’m glad I made you slightly proud.
You’re my role model and I learned so much about life from you. 🙂

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