Fine Line Between Funny & Disrespect

There’s a fine line between being funny, and being disrespectful.

What you joke about may be really offensive to someone else. In chinese slang, we call that “??” which literally translates to landmines, because you don’t know what you’ve done wrong until the other party explodes. I don’t find it funny when people I’m not close to make comments that hurt the self-esteem of others, hence the itch to rant in this post.

For me, the way it is put across really matters. “Eh, I just don’t like your face” is just plain disrespectful. I’m not even talking about the freedom to express; but for your own sake if you want to be respected, do display that you are someone worth respecting. I don’t care if you have authority or is famous. Respect is earned. If I’m not that close to you, please keep your distance. If you had genuine intentions of giving feedback, deliver it sincerely, be sensitive, because I’m human.

It makes me wonder how these people can say these things – their brains are filled with nasty thoughts and a vocabulary of negative words. I’d rather say things I really mean. If I have nothing nice to say, I choose to keep quiet. Simply because I know how it feels to be put down and it doesn’t make the victim feel good. Nobody should have to put up with such verbal abuse. Just because we cant express myself well, it doesn’t give you the right to wound us with your words.

Life is hard enough. Don’t go around making others lives miserable unnecessarily just because you can, you don’t know what they’ve been through or what is to come for them. Instead, why not try to bring a smile to faces?

So, someone asked me, “so what have you been wasting your life in the past few months? Play games, go dating, doing pointless stuff, yada yada?”

That question coming from a workaholic, I understood why he sniggered and did not bother to explain myself, because I knew he would laugh even harder. I don’t care about spending my life building my legacy if I work my ass off to find that my life has passed in a speed of light, never having the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the view. I don’t really care about trying so hard to lose weight anymore, and have accepted that I can never look like Barbie doll. I would still pick playing games and hanging out with people I care about, even though I could sacrifice these activities and create endless opportunities to dream of making it big. And that’s okay – you may disrespect that, I won’t stop you.

Sometimes, by choosing not to take offense, you are doing yourself a favour.

I just want to be happy.

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