Followers on Twitter are More Valuable than Facebook Fans

This article was first posted on Penn Olson on 6 October, 2010.

The way majority of consumers utilise Facebook and Twitter are very different. Facebook is associated to connection, self-expression, and entertainment – whereas Twitter for interaction, influence, and brevity.

Not to say that one platform is inferior to the other; each have their strengths and weaknesses and are equally important in planning a digital marketing campaign.

Judging from the title of this post – imagine if one million Facebook fans are worth $3.6m in media value, how much would one million Twitter followers be worth?

ExactTarget provides some statistics to back up the statement in their “Subscribers, Fans and Followers” report:

The above graph translates:

  • 32% of SUBSCRIBERS and FOLLOWERS and 49% of FANS are no more likely to purchase from a brand after connecting with them through these channels—leaving 68% of SUBSCRIBERS and FOLLOWERS and 51% of FANS who may purchase more often.
  • Multiplying these percentages together, we see that 63% of U.S. online consumers may become a SUBSCRIBER of a brand and purchase more often, 19% may become a FAN of a brand and purchase more often, and 3% may FOLLOW a brand and purchase more often.
  • A follower on Twitter is more likely to purchase and recommend products. It is a great platform to establish a relationship with your influential followers to get them to endorse your brand, at the same time expanding your reach to acquire new customers.

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