Foursquare For Businesses

This article was first posted on Penn Olson on 19 September, 2010.

Foursquare for BusinessesAdding on to 5 Ways To Leverage Foursquare For Business, we find out more ways and prove how mobile marketing is definitely picking up.

Just as you were thinking Foursquare is a fun stalking game to let friends stalk friends, you are half right.

It creates conversation between friends as you better understand the places they frequent, it should be no surprise when I ask something like, “So how was the microbrewery you visited last weekend?”

What is Geotagging?

By tagging where you are as you send information, Google allows search results to be filtered by locations – whether by town, neighbourhood or your precise location. So do Twitter and Flickr. Geotagging is an element of mobile phones that allows information to stay relevant depending on where you are.

How Does Foursquare Affect My Business?

Whenever I check in into Foursquare, honestly I often come across shop names I never knew existed. Having your business listed on Foursquare increases visibility and allows users nearby to locate your shop. For example, one might just tell their friend, “Hey there is actually a cafe near by, why not let’s check that out?”

Recommendations Encourage Word-Of-Mouth

I particularly find this feature most persuasive. Having my friend’s To-Do tip popping up when I check in into a nearby location is a great way to get my attention. Just because it is a recommendation coming from someone I know and trust, I am more likely and willing to give consideration. (although not so much on this one below, but you get what I mean!)

Verify & Claim Your Business Venue

You can list yourself as one of Foursquare’s official venue partners. Not only can you receive invaluable information and analytics about your customers (frequency, time logged in, gender comparison, etc) it would be an opportunity to establish offline relationships as you identify them in your shop!

Make Promotions Exclusive to Foursquare users

Everybody enjoys customer loyalty rewards (Tell me I am not the only one!) Offering promotions are effective in exchange for the attention of your current customers. (e.g. free beer for mayor, add a tip and receive a discount) This is the chance to get as creative as you want!

Also, when users log in to other locations nearby, a yellow post-it looking button “Specials Nearby” will prompt them on the top right of their venue and is hard to miss.

Sync with Other Social Media Platforms

Synchronise your social media activities. You could send a tweet offering anyone who checks in using Foursquare in the next hour will get a discount. Also, Foursquare allows check-in to be published onto Twitter and Facebook – so suggest your customers do that and you would be able to generate more eyeballs on your business.

Have you claimed your venue on Foursquare yet? If you are getting started, read more related posts below! Or if you already have great ideas, share them with us too!

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