Get a Profile Video on your Facebook Profile

This article was posted on Penn Olson on 5 March 2011.

There are over 140 million Facebook users in Asia and most of us use it everyday. Otherwise, some of us we might suffer withdrawal symptoms without logging on to Facebook.

Here’s a piece of great news for the narcisstic ones who enjoy changing their profile pictures every alternate days: Thanks to Flip Video, a shoot-and-share HD camcorder, there is now an application on Facebook “Flip your Profile” that makes profiles more engaging by empowering users to upload videos as their Facebook profile picture (instead of a static one).

Launched on 14 Feb 2011 in conjunction with DDB Singapore and Text 100 Singapore, the app has garnered more than 2.5 million profile video views, with an average of 5 profile videos being uploaded every minute – the statistics look fantastic. The fact that it is produced in Singapore makes it quite a feat in the Asia digital scene. Many Facebook users are flocking to try out this world’s first profile video option that is presented free for all.

It seems like this is a great tool for celebrities and businesses to engage with their fans on a personal level – Brands like Renault Columbia, Veet Argentina, Danette Paris, Standard Chartered, Singapore Kindness Movement, Jajoop Thailand and have since upgraded their Facebook profile pictures to profile videos. Asian celebrities like Nat Ho, Kevin Lester, Jonathan Leong, and Tabitha Nauser and The Post-It Guy (from Things we Forget) have also utilized the tool.

To get a video profile, there are only two steps to follow:

1) Select your browser and download the plugin, install and restart browser

2) Connect with your profile

However, only users who have the plugin installed will be able to view video profiles. This provides users a stronger motivation to pass it on to their friends so they, too, would be able to view the videos and then share it with even more people. For those who are interested in flipping their profiles, get started at FlipSG now.

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