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What is Group Buying?

Where sites collaborate with companies to bring offers at a discounted price to a limited number of consumers. Win-win-win situation: companies get sales and brand exposure, consumers get a deal at a cheaper rate, site earns commissions for referral sales being the middle-man.

It could be possible that this was inspired by the intention to solve the inconvenience of mass orders – where a person would organise, coordinate and consolidate orders from other buyers into a single, high-volume purchase in order to enjoy bulk discounts.

I’d say this is a milestone for eCommerce.
As of 2010, many business models for collective buying have sprung up in Singapore, and probably all around the world as well. It is currently the big hype in the Singapore digital scene – especially with strong social media presence, Facebook and networking sites help them reach out to their customers easily.

  1. Groupon
  5. ReebonzCity
  6. Singadeal
  7. Tip-it
  8. inSing Superdeals
  9. TakeMeTo Deals
  10. VoucherWow
  16. UrbanJourney
  18. BestBuys

I’m wondering though, there are so many such sites yet the number of competitors are still rising. Could this be a proven and workable business model? Any takes?

[Update] Truth is: This list is probably not very updated because new deal sites spring up almost every week. It’s also frustrating to have to visit many different deal sites to browse for discounts – hence check out for a list of all available deals in Singapore.

7 Comments on “Group Buying Sites in Singapore

  1. proven model yes. differentiation play has yet to come by though.

    even the US haven’t begin to innovate beyond Groupon 1.0 as the original group buying magnate would want to focus on controlling the world first then innovate… rather than innovate first and allowing the world to copy them

  2. I notice there are new sites coming up that list all the group buying sites – also some iphone apps that do the same thing. It seems to make it easier than having to surf every different deal.  My favourite is which just lists asian sites.

  3. 21 sites and counting are now also aggregated at Dealshelve. included are AllDealsAsia, BigDeal.SG, City Nomads,, Foodpon, Groupon Singapore, Huno, JigoCity, JuzToday, LiveOffCoupon, Outlet, Reebonz City, SGDeal, Share2Deal, ShiokDeal, StreetDeal, SuperDeals, Urban Journey, VioletVoucher, Voucherlicious, VoucherWOW.

  4. I love these group buying sites & I love the concept in general. Been buying since few weeks and loving the savings already. Even used some as gifts since, I didn’t have time to go to an actual brick & mortar store. Hahaha!

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