Have I Found My Passion?

Remember how someone had questioned me on how I had been wasting my life working on the useless stuff, yeah.

I’ve been working on wookypooky*, and have been loving it.


I guess that’s one reason why I no longer wanted to work as a designer –
I only wanted to make things I liked.

It’s also why I didn’t make a good entrepreneur –
I didn’t care if others liked it or not.

You could say that makes me an artist… in my own right.

After going through this rollercoaster ride, I still say that wookypooky* is a passion.
I started it as a hobby back in 2008, and it had always been my dream to open my own store selling my products. I always thought – it’s only a dream. But what if it isn’t? What if there are people out there who think I have the most awesome stuff around? Oh right, no capital. That was why it always stayed as a hobby. I still need to do other work to pay the bills.

As they say, do what you love and the money will follow…

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