Hold a true friend with both hands.

People enter and exit your life. And sometimes, goodbyes are for the best. Knowing that they are not going to be by your side hurts… you know you may never see them again, but the cruelty of time helps us progress. It takes practice to not feel attachment.

I believe people enter your life for a reason. Some leave footprints in your heart by enriching your life with wonderful memories. When you think back, you feel warm and fuzzy in  your heart and let a smile out.

There’ll be some others who teach you a good lesson. In an instant, someone you trusted with your heart will let you down. Was the connection wasted? This vulnerability is part of life. We continue to trust people.

Thank God for true friends who accept you even during tough times. 🙂 These are the people who you know will always have your back  and *try to* keep you grounded even when things seem to be falling apart. You’ll know you’re in the right place when there is mutual respect and joy with time spent with each other.

I know I’m a difficult person to love. I hate being wrong or misunderstood, for one thing. I can be very extreme: really put together or just plain broken; really independent or aloof; easily interpreted like an open book or not letting anyone get close.

At the end of the day, I understand I can’t please everyone. There’s no “right” version of who I should be – because the definition is different for everyone. Being too ‘simple’ or ‘naive’ for seeing things a certain way or not being cool enough. Being  labelled ‘lazy’ just because I chose to spend time doing other activities and not work overtime. Being ‘passive’ for preferring to listen more than I speak. What would be … just right, when everyone’s expectations are different, or should I keep trying?

For a while, I questioned what was  “normal” – the comparisons used to bother me. I wish they didn’t. I struggled to understand things I didn’t use to get, alter my perspectives but tougher questions surfaced, which got me more confused and cynical. It was draining.  I still don’t think I’ve figured it out, but I’ve learned that we’re all made up of choices and different experiences that give us our definition of our world. There’s no reality, only framed perspectives. It really doesn’t matter that we’re not doing it “right” – there may be some relationships that don’t make us happy, no matter how much effort we put in it just won’t fit: we let them go.

I’m no longer afraid to say Bye.

P.S. Infinite playlist was created by this awesome friend who wants to share with me his world. Thanks for always giving without expectations. I’m privileged! 🙂

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