My First Experience with HotelQuickly App

During my trip in BKK, I had booked 2 nights only even though I was there for 3 nights. I had wanted to try the HotelQuickly app, so I decided to play by ear. While having breakfast at the hotel, I waited for 8am to see the refreshed deals on the app. I shortlisted one, but I had to pay via PayPal (which I forgot the creditials for).

So I registered for a new account on PayPal, then they made me enter my credit card details, which was in the room. Taking my own sweet time, I went back to the room to settle all PayPal account and getting ready to book the selected hotel. WHEE. When I tried to “Slide to Pay”, it told me that someone else had snapped the deal.

I refreshed to search for the second ideal hotel that fit my budget. Jasmine Resort. Wah sounds fancy. Near BTS, but nothing else is there. 79% discount. Wah let me check out whether it’s worth it. After doing some Google search on the reviews, I decided to book it on the app. When I tried to “Slide to Pay”, it told me that someone else had snapped the deal. AGAIN.
wpid-quickmemo-_2015-08-17-14-05-41.png.pngIn the end, I settled with a booking from DONE. Asia Hotel Bangkok looked decent in the pictures – but when I lugged my luggage and saw the exterior – damn…. pictures on Google always deceive. Just like on dating apps. 🙁

In the evening, when I was just being random trying to try my luck again. Ah. Jasmine Resort, I see it listed again.

Oooh… Maybe they just had a spare room again.

Oh well. The one with the fastest fingers win.

Maybe next time. 🙂

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