Better than Harry Potter! But that is just me, because I prefer cute, happy shows and I love that feeling of watching a show that makes me smile. Everything is perfect, even though only for a while.

Rapunzel is the most expensive animated film ever created… and it is also the best movie I’ve walked out of the theatre feeling super-good, even better than Enchanted! 🙂 Loved all the characters, all that action and adventure, the ending was happily perfect… the scene when Eugene cut her hair, it was a totally unexpected, brilliant idea. I’m so getting the DVD when it is out! It looks like the version I watched in the cinema had several scenes cut.

Oh yay the official site is here, not very engaging… but the local site had even less content. I want a wallpaper of my favourite scene of the floating lanterns, wish they had it for download! My favourite characters in order: Flynn, Rapunzel and Maximus.

Favourite soundtrack. Mandy Moore’s voice is amazing.


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