If you look at it that way…

I had enough of feeling down and helpless. I actually felt that I wasn’t strong enough.

When I managed to take a step back and look at my problem, it’s really such a small issue compared to other bigger problems in life. Then again it’s really easy to say, but when you’re in that downward spiral and things just keep getting worse, tough times are difficult to handle. It took me a whole weekend of doing nothing to defeat the dementors.

Talking to friends always help. I have been really whiny these days lamenting about my trouble all day long. Thank you peeps for listening patiently to me, giving me hope, although I wish one of you could have slapped me in the face and asked me to wake up my idea. I am blessed to be surrounded by so many angels in my life. 🙂

The next time I start my sentence with “I”… I should try to shut up.

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