I’m happy.

It feels a little insane, how I woke up at 6am this morning without the help of my alarm clock (it wasn’t even supposed to sound until 7) to check on something that I’m bothered/obsessed about. The first few minutes of my morning was slightly depressing, but I was lucky to have a series of pleasant surprises that led up to a great morning, leaving me feeling super energetic and high that I would be walking bouncily like a bunny. And I had only slept for five hours last night.

Here’s kind of how my morning went:

– Feel excited about Friday and the exciting weekend ahead, spending it with lovely friends and family
– Check somebody’s Last Seen time on Whatsapp, hates the invention for five minutes
– Someone messaged me on Facebook asking for help (but it was a pleasant surprise)
– Decided to not snooze in bed, and catch up on work email instead
– Get ready for work, ended up late when boss was looking for me in office
– Did not get scolding, but instead had a inspiring conversation with my boss who’s also a mentor I treasure

Not sure if it was the perfect morning but I guess it’s because I woke up early, and experienced something that was not my usual routine. Usually I would dismiss the snooze by accident, fumble out of bed after that and run for the bus. Today, this adrenaline rush makes me feel unstoppable. It’s going to be a great day because I decide that it’s going to be.

I’m thankful for a lot of things. (No, no need to wait till the end of the year to write this again)
So lucky to be surrounded by beautiful people. People who care about me, want the best for me, are willing to hear me out and want me to become a better person.  (Hi Jacky!)

As mushy as it sounds, my boss is one of the most amazing people I’ve personally crossed paths with. You may think that I’ve been through enough bad times to appreciate what it takes to be a good manager but I feel extremely grateful to work with a character so inspiring and admirable 🙂

So lucky to be healthy. I injured my elbow recently and you know, who really bothers about their elbow on a daily basis? But once injured, there were many things I couldn’t do properly… *sulks* We forget how lucky we are to be able to move freely without much pain. Being well is overly underrated.

Also, one thing I feel that’s always overlooked and no one has ever highlighted: take good care of people around you. (On top of taking care of yourself.) Take time to remember what they like and what they don’t. Exercise with them if they aren’t doing it even though they say they want to. Stop them from eating that cake if they’ve eaten too much of it recently. Pour them drinks even if they say they aren’t thirsty.  Force that herbal tea down their throats and place more fruit/veggies on their plate. If you treasure them, please keep them healthy. 🙂

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