Indonesia Is A Huge Social Media Nation

This article was originally posted on Penn Olson on 14th January 2011.

Earlier at iStrategy, John Goodman from Ogilvy Noor had shared about the rising opportunities and abundant potential in marketing to the third one billion after China and India.

“Being the 4th largest country in the world, with a population of about 238 million – it isn’t a surprise to know that Indonesia is the second largest market for Facebook and third largest for Twitter. We are a trending topic creator,” said Andi Primaretha, a social media consultant at Virtual Consulting.

Because the prices of mobile phones and contracts are so cheap in the country, mobile phones are more widely used than personal computers, particularly the most popular set being the Blackberry with about 2 million users in the country alone, out of 12 million worldwide. It is easy to access to social networks on the go, and this trend has been picking up rapidly. Currently, fewer than 20% of the population are connected to the Internet.. and can you imagine what the impact would be when social media gets even hotter in Indonesia?

“Collectivism culture in Indonesia has made its people to gather in several occasion and medium. We love to care about happens to other people – it could be our friend, classmate or colleagues. Marketers utilize social media to create community brand on Facebook and people in Indonesia are willing to click “like” button easily to gather with the people similar to them.”

A local snack from Garuda Food. They increase engagement with their audience by featuring a fan weekly. Not only do they use the page as a channel to communicate with their customers, they also encourage them to participate by putting up pictures of themselves with the snack, making them advocates as they develop loyalty towards the brand.

A music program dedicated to Indonesian songs. They have more than three million fans on their page. One reason why it is popular because they are the no. 1 TV station in Indonesia and the program is popular among average youths in the country. By providing information useful to the audience, (in this case, up-to-date entertainment) there is value-add and a compelling reason for people to want to be constantly updated.

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