Introduction to Twitter

Twitter (Micro-Blogging)

zwitschern 2.0 Now we have micro-blogging – blogging made easier to update, either via web, mobile, with a limit of max 140 characters (so just speak to the point!) Some examples are Twitter, Plurk, Fmylife, but mainly focusing on Twitter.

Twitter faces a problem addressing to the majority about its purpose of existence, as discussed in article by SocialMediaToday. “Why would anyone update what they just ate for breakfast or whether someone farted in the lift?” Truth is, it only matters when you are Ashton Kutcher. Otherwise, why would anyone care? Unless you’re inviting stalkers.

Uses of Twitter
– Get connected with many awesome thinkers on the net; you are only a direct message (DM) away!
– You could ask questions and challenge others’ opinions for a juicy discussion.
– Keep in touch with friends, or just broadcast to whoever who wants to listen.
– You could make money
– You just might get employed by a head hunter.
…or check out this lens, 50 Ways to Use Twitter, or 17 Ways to use Twitter for more!


  • Exceptionally useful for those with fans – y’know, fans always want to know what they are doing!
  • Direct traffic to your website by notifying them of updates
  • Network with similar minded professionals
  • Notify your audience – new products, updates and announcement


  • As the number of tweets and tweeters increase, it will take a longer time and harder to read quality tweets.
  • Direct Messages (DM) are deemed as spam when they are not personal, useful or sound automated

If you have an account on Twitter and you wish to get more followers, try reading How To Get More Followers by DianeRayfield.


A spoof, Woofer has been created and positioned as Macroblogging, apparently teasing Twitter. Users are supposed to write at least 1,400 characters for each post.

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