Day 1 at iStrategy2010 Singapore

On behalf of Penn Olson, @stooffi and I had the opportunity to receive the media pass to attend iStrategy2010 in Singapore!  It was really intensive, too much information to digest and found it difficult having to multi-task because we were blogging as we were listening… (I figured I’d make a bad journalist) Steph and I were really unstoppable today.  She would be typing non-stop and I would format the post like crazy. Woohoo. Willis says we did a great job and I’d really like to think so too… 🙂  (hahaha) Too bad that I cannot attend tomorrow’s session…

It was definitely very enjoyable because I got to meet great people like Thomas Marzano, Aaron Lee, Melvin Yuan, Nigel Dessau, Jerome Wong, Hazrul, Denny Santoso, and many others! Oh, did I also mention the emcee Adam Burns is super funny and he needs a Facebook fan page! As much as I would like to type more… I declare myself brain-dead for the day, so please, let the pictures do some talking.

This guy really doesn’t stop tweeting!

@AskAaronLee and @ThomasMarzano tweeting when they are just beside each other.


Yay, picture with a Twitter celebrity

More pictures and insights on Penn Olson!

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