Singapore’s Junk Food War

Mac started it, BK followed, then Texas Chicken joined in the fun.
Better, even better, best. I’m assuming this should be the end.

Ugh. I understood that McD’s campaign revolves around the idea of crowd-sourcing.

Please enlighten me what these copycats are trying to achieve. I’ve heard stories of how Burger King’s attempt to run the same thing failed, long queue, no stock. It only makes them look bad. It’s like trying to outrun another car then get into an accident instead.

It doesn’t look like a sales generating campaign; then again, I wouldn’t know the cost price of these junk. OK, perhaps a chance to hook customers into trying their burgers.

Ultimately who wins?
Price-sensitive consumers who waste their time to queue to eat these unhealthy food to get fat. Are they brand loyal? Probably not, but they definitely wouldn’t mind waiting to fill their stomach… It’s really not that surprising to know that over 50% of Singaporeans are overweight, right? Wonder how the government would react if this continues.

What do you think? Is it unethical for these fast food outlets to stir excitement in people by promoting their products this way?

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