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Acquaintances¬†tend to think that I’m a quiet person… but, the truth is, I’d rather just listen, ask questions and learn instead. Some reasons. If I realise the person likes to speak, I let him go on. It boosts their ego, they like having an audience, and can’t seem to stop. They let it when they get a chance to talk. There’s a saying, “You can’t learn anything new while you’re talking.”

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I like to share what I know; it helps me learn and remember better. Sometimes, only sometimes, I rant about my Blackberry, but I never treat this blog as a ranting ground or to make cocky statements like, “screw this/that, i did it myself”.

I don’t even claim to be very clever. I’m told that I’m not confident of myself, but shouldn’t we all be modest? I admit I’m not very much of a salesman when it comes to promoting myself especially, but I think I learnt them from my favourite, humblest role models Seth Godin, and here’s a new one, Derek Sivers.

Particularly this post by Sivers, sharing his thoughts about sharing.

When I built my Singapore deal aggregator, Dealzilla, it all started with the intention to serve the community (and of course came from a personal frustration first). I didn’t even know how it was going to evolve, but I did it just because it felt like there was a gap between the current ones that’s out there and the one that people should have. I was often asked, “so what’s your business model?” and I would go, “What business model?”¬†I figured I didn’t really care.

Learning is endless, and thanks to Google we can learn anything we want.. so why not make things easy for all and just share what you know?

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