Lessons from 2013

I probably made many mistakes, but they are not necessarily anything I need to regret about.

There are many things you don’t have control over. What matters most is how you react to them. There is no point in worrying either. For example, we won’t know when we will die. It’s not 60… 80… it may not even be a 40. Tomorrows are not guaranteed, that’s why today is called the Present. Life is so fragile like that.

Don’t leave things dangling – you’ll never stop asking yourself “what if?”. Give it your best shot and try to make it count. If all things fail, leave. Don’t waste time. If you choose to fight a battle, make it worthwhile. At least you try.

If people are bad to you, it doesn’t make them a bad person. That’s just a bad side of them that you ever got to see.

Never underestimate a smile to a stranger. It could open up very interesting conversations and you can often learn a new thing or two.

Even in a family, there will be differences. Even if you spent your lives with each other, people still grow up to be different personalities and see things differently.

As you get older, parents get older too. Time to take up more responsibility in the household and consider their changing needs.

If I have to ask for somebody’s attention, I don’t want it. The people who care will make time for you, without you asking for it. Don’t bother about them. Instead, spend that precious time loving the people who love you.

Not everyone shows you love in the way you love and expect to be loved. Don’t think you can change that. If it’s not something you’re comfortable with, keep a healthy distance. If nothing works out, move on and don’t look back.

Post-it reminder from Mom: You only have that one body. You do what you can to not fall ill. It’s a way of loving yourself. Get off the computer.

From somewhere else:
Rejection has everything to do with you. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you, necessarily, but it does always mean that whatever package you have to offer is not what the person you are offering it to is looking for at the time. It means that they are looking for something, and that you are not it. What they are looking for and what you are, are two different things. That is what rejection means.

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