Let’s not be angry people.

Yesterday, my friend scolded me because of the way I typed. Had I said it out loud in real life, it probably would’ve sounded less offensive. but because of the way I typed it, I sounded rude due to the lack of tone.

It ended up in a pretty heated argument revolving around the way I communicated with others. I’ll admit – I didn’t think it was anything worth nitpicking about… so I got angry too. I let that incident spoil my day. I just didn’t really understand why she had to get angry, I hate it when people get angry.

To me, I choose to be majorly unflappable, though I know I cannot expect everyone else to stay calm all the time. Anger is destructive. In fact, I think it’s the most worst emotion of all things we could feel.

Looking back, it’s all human error. But one I can work on and avoid next time. I’m putting in more effort to take note of the way I phrase myself. Sometimes I get lazy and type too little then my message gets misinterpreted online.

If I have ever sounded rude to anyone in the past, I apologise. We are all work in progress, so thank you for your understanding.

P.S. Research links cancer with unresolved, repressed anger. Let it go, people.


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