Live in the Present

Life is tough. It’s true for everyone. Everyone hurts in some way or another.  I felt my problems were so big that I can’t overcome them. I did almost every wrong thing I could. I think I was this close to seeking medical help and sending myself to the asylum. Thoughts were running in my head faster than I could act upon anything – there were so many things to take care of and I did not have solutions. The feeling is ‘overwhelmed’…

“You can’t have everything you want, but you can have the things that really matter to you. “ – Marissa Meyer

I was told multiple times by multiple people, that I wasn’t being focused.  Then my usual response would be, “they all need to be worked on simultaneously!”

After a series of events, I realised that health and family is most important to me. And it’s something I value most and I don’t care what anybody thinks. Work is secondary. On nights when i return home early, I’m thankful to have parents who heat up dinner and remind me, “you’ve worked hard, get some rest”.

For now, what I really want is for life to slow down, just so I can catch my breath again. Because life, to me, shouldn’t be a race. It’s about the journey. It’s okay if I can’t run as fast as the others, I may lag behind but it’s much more important to not collapse… if not, at some point I may not even be part of it anymore.

Let’s live in the present. Be happy while living.

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