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Time flies, and we’re now in late 2012, again. Here’s what I’ve been occupied with for the past few months. Introducing… LoveByte!

LoveByte in a sentence… LoveByte is a mobile app that provides a private space for two to communicate, share things and remember precious moments.

It’s my first exploration into iOS design, and we are ranked in the Top 10 since our launch on the App Store on Jul 28. Pretty cool! Because the team wasn’t expecting it at all because it is only supposed to be open-beta, not even a launch. (We’re putting the app up so that we can get test users to easily download our app instead of making them use the troublesome TestFlight.)

We weren’t sure how it got into the charts especially since no marketing was done, but we’re thankful, nevertheless. The founder, Steve, even shared that he had to upgrade the servers as quickly as possible to cope with the growth. We’ve also been extremely lucky to receive positive ratings from random people… we aren’t even sure who they are. It feels great to receive compliments on the design, by people in the start-up scene and the users.

Top in Lifestyle, 15 in Top 25 (all categories) Here are some things we observed:

  • Our users are extremely nice and make use of the Feedback button to ask for help and suggest new features. Honestly, I was expecting angry trolls, but we’ve been lucky
  • Some users ask questions via reviews on the App Store. Not sure how they expect to get replies if they cannot be identified.
  • Downloads came from different continents where we can’t explain how they got to know about the app (zero coverage, advertising, marketing)
  • Still don’t know how apps are ranked.

The team still has a lot to learn, and of course to improve on. The app is never perfect, because there will always be something that can be done! We’re definitely keen in making the app better to bring a good experience for everyone, so I would appreciate any form of help. Next thing for me to do, Android design.

Download LoveByte on App Store and let me know your thoughts!

17 Comments on “LoveByte

  1. when is the android app for. Lovebyte coming out?? I saw this app on my cousin’s iphone.. Its sooo cool!!! I cant wait to download n use it…

  2. I keep resending invites to my boyfriend and he did the same thing to me but we check our emails, nothing came from lovebyte for confirmation, we cannot connect our accounts. >:( please help

    1. Hi Zendee, sorry I saw this so late. You should be able to send emails directly to LoveByte Support instead of asking for help on this blog.

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