My #eatpraylove trip to BKK – Part 2

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By then I realised I had to check out in the morning because I had booked 2 nights only even though I had one more night to go. I had wanted to try the HotelQuickly app, so I decided to play by ear. While having breakfast at the hotel, I waited for 8am to see the refreshed deals on the app, very frustrating because I couldn’t book them in time. In the end, I didn’t. WHY? Here. Fastest fingers first!

In the end I settled with Asia Hotel from Agoda because it was near BTS. On my way there, I accidentally stumbled upon a cool space called “NE8T cafe” which had a co-making space connected to it.

I settled there since it was too early for check-in. Also, I was quite hesitant to shop more since my luggage is already full from Chatuchak shopping. The place is quiet, nice and I had the place to myself the entire morning. Crowd began to form for lunch and business meetings.

When it was time to check in… Fortune teller!

Too bad, not there.

My friend Yvonne told me teeth whitening only costs a third of what SG charges. So I emailed in before the trip and luckily I managed to make an appointment on my third day. Took to Nana BTS to reach Smile Republic Dental Clinic, which was at Soi 5, a short walk away from the station.

They took my blood pressure, temperature and I had to go through several T&C which briefed me about the procedure, benefits, costs, and side-effects which I had to sign at the end of the documents. The dentist helped me do cleaning and told me that my braces were actually not ready for removal as I still had gaps… -__-

The process felt really, really uncomfortable. I couldn’t see what they were doing, but it felt as though they put some de-sensitizing gel on my teeth. It was 3 rounds of 15 minutes UV light shone onto the teeth. It felt quite painful by the 3rd round. As much as I tried to tolerate the pain, I think I whined several times saying that it was painful… hoping they could apply more gel or quicken the process for me. For an entire hour, I couldn’t close my mouth, it felt like something was pulling in my gums and I could not do anything about it. I couldn’t really do anything else to distract myself, except think about better moments in life that I’ve had. I tried thinking about things that make me happy but I keep going back to “ouch quick, when will I be done”

I felt so relieved when the procedure was over and the dentist was taking the mould out of my mouth. I thought we were done, but I soon realised it started to hurt. The pulling sensation had amplified and I requested to take painkillers, but my buddy (Titan Lee, the handsome, the great and the sexy) later told me that the Probufen 400mg that they prescribed was too mild to have any effect. Indeed, the pills didn’t work. It’s that sharp pain when you eat ice cream and a spot in your mouth hurts, but this pain is in the entire mouth, the entire night. I didn’t get to meet up with a friend Som, in the end because I wasn’t capable of eating or talking at all.

Then #BangkokBlast happened. Titan warned me to go back to the hotel because there’d be other bombs hidden in the area. 最危險的地方不就是最安全的嗎?
The malls at Siam closed early at 9.30pm following the blast…

When I got back to the hotel, the Internet connection was too weak for me to surf the web and I ended the night early to sleep away the pain.

The hotel greeted me with the local newspaper in the morning. First thing I saw. Look at the headlines.

The next morning I got up before 6am. Everyone was still sleeping. Woohoo. My turn to use the Internet.

I read on Twitter they were urgently seeking blood donors and Chinese translators, and decided to blog about my thoughts about the Bangkok Blast the night before, before packing my luggage and getting ready to check out.

What’s a trip to BKK without visiting A&W? I decided to walk over from my hotel, grab some nice waffles for breakfast before heading to Platinum to enjoy my favourite 12B soft-serve ice cream.

I headed to Police General Hospital to see if they still needed any volunteers to help translate Chinese. When I arrived, I realised it was just beside Erawan Shrine. They told me it was urgent only last night and they have enough now, so I took my leave.

There were only cleaners, police and reporters with videographers along the road. The rest were other people were at the junction where the tragedy struck. There to see the aftermath and give some prayers.

I headed back to the hotel because I was told that airport security has tightened and queues would be longer, so I arrived earlier than intended for my flight at 5.35pm. On the way to the airport, the second bomb went off. This time at another tourist spot near Chao Phraya River, thankfully there are no casualties.

Everybody must be on high alert now. But no matter how prepared we can be, can we ever prevent such events from happening? It all happened so fast. The target had carefully planted the bomb at a small area with high human traffic. It is all so deliberate.

I am thankful to have escaped this tragedy because it could have happened to anyone. If I had decided to endure the heat and walk along the roadside instead of staying indoors, if I had been at the wrong spot at the wrong time, it could have been me.

RIP to all the innocent victims and may their families find peace… #PrayForBKK

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