My #eatpraylove trip to BKK – Part 1

My boyfriend and I had planned to visit Myanmar on Aug 13-20, but with news about the flooding situation there, my family was worried about our personal safety. We decided to forfeit everything and cancel all the plans we had made.

Since I already took annual leave, there was no way I was going to hibernate at home. I booked my ticket a day before my flight, quietly packed without anyone at home knowing, and only told my mom when I was opening the door to head to the airport. My mom was like “WHAT? WHEN? WHO ARE YOU GOING WITH?” I randomly gave her a girlfriend’s name and left.

Of course, I know she would worry. She told my sister about it, who then scolded me for not providing updates earlier. I know if I told them the truth, they’d never let me. Because it’s “dangerous” and a girl shouldn’t do things like that. Is it that #YOLO to be alone in BKK for only a few days?

To ensure my safety, I didn’t try to scrimp on accommodation much and stuck to areas that I was familiar with. Vince Hotel looks nice, right? It was.
Vince Hotel

But I didn’t realise it would be so dark at night. It was a 7 minute walk.. so later on I would ask the staff to drive me to the main road on their tuktuk when I head out in the morning.

On my first night, after I landed and checked into my hotel, I went to EmQuartier, the newest mall, to have dinner with two startup friends who were here on a business trip. Loved the aqua roof garden there. Beautiful spot to relax and have a nice chat with friends.

I also went to check out the Virgin Active Fitness Centre because I was so curious to see if it was better than Singapore’s – and indeed, it’s larger and more fun. They even have a Reformer Pilates room, and a wall to do rock-climbing!

After dinner, we went for Thai massage. The lady was super strong and I tried to tolerate it. Painful, but that’s the way I like it. Hahaha.. To GrabTaxi or not to GrabTaxi? It was early, so we decided to take public transport back to our own hotels.

To go back to Vince Hotel from the nearest Ratchathewi BTS, it’s about 15 minutes walk along a quiet section along Pretchaburi Road before turning in into an unlit alley. Got to admit I was pretty uncomfortable, since I have seen 3 men pee along the route at night. I’d +windwalk so I could shorten the walking time by half.

During breakfast, I finished my book “No Mud No Lotus”

The second day was Sunday so it was my only chance to visit Chatuchak this trip. In the morning, I requested the hotel staff drive me on their tuktuk to the main road so I needn’t walk the alley under the bright sun. I still need to walk to get to BTS to go to Mo Chit BTS.

“Just follow the crowd to get to the market – you won’t be lost. There will be many, many people heading there too” It was so hot, I arrived by 10am. I bought 3 bottles of water and I didn’t have to go to the toilet the entire time because I was sweating so much! I thought I would be done by 12pm to head back to the hotel, but I ended up buying so much that I bought another backpack to carry all my loot. By 3pm, my back was almost breaking by carrying two backpacks – one in front, one at the back. Not to mention, I was also carrying one more in the hands. Didn’t know I could be so decisive when I’m shopping. Also, probably very irrational too.

Kris introduced me to her long-time Thai penpal, Eak, who took me to True Love @Neverland because he knew that visiting a husky cafe was on my to-do list and wanted to fulfil it for me! It’s lucky that he likes dogs (he has 7 at home!) and didn’t mind visiting the place. Because there was a “Bike for Mom” event – many roads were closed. I met him at Ari BTS and the place was actually pretty inaccessible so thankfully he drove.

By 6pm we arrived at the cafe. They served us a drink and we could choose between cake or ice cream. The allocated playtime was 6.30-7.30pm, so we ate while we waited patiently. There were about 20 huskies itself. They made sure we were super clean before we could cuddle the dogs. The huskies are so well maintained and tame, but it was obvious they don’t really enjoy being touched and hate cameras. It was really hard to take a nice photo with them because they would always look away. 🙂

We had dinner at a local eating place beside a famous university.. food was supposedly good and cheap.

I was so tired that I crashed before midnight while chatting on the laptop. I dozed off with lights on until 3am when I woke up to reply the last chat message and then KO on the bed back again until 6am.

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