NATAS 2011

It’s the largest, most anticipated annual travel fair in Singapore organised by NATAS. I didn’t go. Too put off by the crowd, just seeing updates from fellow Singaporean strangers on Twitter. Supposedly the exhibition hall is at Hall 4 but the queue to get into the hall extends til the train station (about 2-3 halls away).

I’m browsing the deals online instead – in my own room, anytime I want. Even like now at 2am in the morning I can shop.
But honestly, it has been observed that the packages are not necessarily cheaper at the fair. In fact, I do think it is an opportunity for travel agencies to raise the prices higher, just because there is a demand from these excited travellers. After all, the cheaper the package, the chances are that they bring you to boring factories to make you buy goods you don’t really need.

However I realised people choose to go NATAS not because they are not computer-savvy enough to do research online, or enjoy squeezing with crowds. They do not just want to compare the cheap deals – it is more than that. Free stuff? Maybe. At the fair, probably it is easier to

Why would I want to go NATAS? I attribute it to the hedonic experience that one receives at the fair – to be physically present at the fair. It creates the intention to purchase. Knowing there are attractive booths with awesome landscape pictures or possibly celebs… (heh heh I admit)

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