Of Foursquare and Stalkers

One thing about me: I am not that friendly for social networking — I hate it when I receive invitations from people I I’ve never even had an interaction with before. Especially on Foursquare. Well, perhaps I am not that social like that…

I find freaky to have a stranger add you on Foursquare.

Freakier when you see the 100+ friends he has, only to find out there are only females in the list. And there is an obvious pattern, their profile picture is a self portrait and they also have a list of guys they probably do not know why they added them but still accepted the request anyway.

foursquare-stalkers foursquare-stalkers

This is a lil different from Friendster. You know well what Foursquare is for. To know where your connections are at. Foursquare is stalking made easy. That is why I am particularly uncomfortable about this. I am okay with social media friends but people with this particular hobby, sorry I am not interested.

And I can’t believe there are so many ignorant girls out there who’d be so open about welcoming strangers in knowing their whereabouts and hangouts. oh well, actually it is not that surprising. Am I overly conservative for thinking this way?

It reminds me… Today I learned about perceptions and stereotypes… so does my profile picture place me under the same category as those girls?! Time to get a new pic. And I am changing it to the Mona Ami – this should stop the strange requests!?

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